About Me

Hey there budding travelers!

The name is Frances and I’m a travel junkie! I started traveling the world when I was in my teens (thanks, mom and dad!) and now I travel when I can. I don’t have one particular preference in terms of travel locations. How can you just choose when there’s so much out there to experience?

I just fell in love with the world and the various cultures that I got to live through. I love traveling so much that I share tips and tricks to all my friends whenever I can. It helped them so much that they convinced me to start my own blog! So here we are! I hope you can join me as I give you travel tips born from my personal experiences! I’ll even chip in some of my favorite destinations around the globe.

This blog is all about me and my personal taste in life when it comes to travel, cultural, technological and many other types of stuff!

Travelling can truly enrich you in ways that you may not have realized were possible. There is nothing quite like meeting new people, seeing new sights, smelling new scents and—well, you get the idea! Be prepared to discuss the different facets of traveling that others often neglect to mention: cultural differences.

The way you show respect and the ways you can offend vary from one zip code to another. So it’s best to be smart and read on! Let’s go!